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The Key to Sprint Success? Your Sprint Structure

Does your team struggle to deliver sprints on time?  Do you often have to split stories or determine what to do with major bugs at the end of a sprint? If so your issue may not be your process or … Continue reading

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Seven Steps to Remarkable Retrospectives

When is the last time you went to a project or sprint retrospective and you walked away feeling like something was accomplished?  Effective retrospectives are an anomaly, and we rarely walk away feeling like anything is going to improve. In … Continue reading

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Summer 2012 – Five Things I Learned as an Agile Coach

The Goal:  Work hard through the spring, then take a few weeks of vacation in the summer.  Reality:  My clients did not slow down for the summer and I found myself even busier than before.  It was a good problem … Continue reading

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Does Your Project Have an Elevator Statement? Did the Chevy Volt?

Recently production was halted on the Chevy Volt due to low demand.  If you are not familiar with the Volt, it is a hybrid car that uses a battery powered electric motor, and has an additional gasoline motor that kicks … Continue reading

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The Problem with Red, Yellow, Green Project Status

Many years ago I worked in a Project Management Office at a large financial institution. Once a week I prepared a project status report for executive management and the PMO director. I would calculate how we were tracking to budget, … Continue reading

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Selling a Tradeoff Matrix to Your Customer

For many years I have been training project managers to create a Tradeoff Matrix at the start of a project.  The matrix is a great tool for reaching common agreement across all stakeholders on the areas to be emphasized during a … Continue reading

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